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Sean and Uri Rap





Welcome everybody from here and oversea

You’ve come to the wedding of Sean and Uri

A more suited couple you’ll be hard to find

They’re peas in a pod, they’re two of a kind.


Now we’ve all know Sean for many a year

Through ups and downs, through laughter and tear

Routelink and AR are now in the past

A kept woman is now what looks like will last




Wham bam she’s found her man

Job or no job you can tell they’re in love

Sean Uri we wish you all the best

Let’s party, let’s cheer ‘ let’s have a fest, let’s rock.


Now Sean has been through many a job

From Madam to the Body Shop just to earn a few bob

It was finally at AR that she found her match

Another Star Wars freak, what a perfect catch


They both get up late, go to bed at dawn

Watch every sci fi show, enough to make you yawn

They both love to drive and enjoy to ski

Compete on playstation, watch a DVD




Now Sean has tried a fair few things what a riot

From salsa to the gym, from nose job to diet.

One thing for sure is cooking’s not her station

Like a Jap all she’ll do is make a reservation


Uri it would seem does work very hard

Him and his computer  very rarely apart

A man of surprises not easily led

Buying Sean a car followed by a proposal to wed.




On a final note we would like to say

We’re so very happy to be here this day

Zefet and Sid send you love and neshikot

Their fighting continues, will this be their lot?