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Sean and I have never had what one might call a traditional relationship. Actually, we discovered each other a little later in life.

Growing up, I always wanted a baby sister. You know, someone I could teach, mold, and just generally push around. Well imagine my surprise when, at the age 14, I was introduced to my new little sister. Instead of a baby who would obey her big sister without question, I found a nine year old with a definite mind of her own. And someone who was not easy to boss around.

To my delight my new sister was far more interesting and we bonded immediately. Her humor and intelligence were obvious, even as a child, as were her strength and stubbornness (A dangerous combination as I'm sure Uri would agree!). Through letters and visits we grew to know and love each other. First as sisters, then as friends. And although the years have passed, and time and distance have kept us apart, the bond remains… Because we're sisters.

Sean and Uri - I wish I could be here tonight to celebrate with you and share in your happiness. I am thinking of you both and hope that you have a wonderful time surrounded by the people you love.

Uri, I look forward to meeting you. I know that you must be a special a person, because you make my sister so happy.

Sean, I am reminded of something I once read, " Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction." I am so glad you have found your soul mate. Enjoy the adventure.

Francois and I wish you a long happy life together filled love and laughter! We look forward to toasting the happy couple in person.